Who Am I

My name is Paras Jain, and I’ve been an IT Professional for nearly 10+ year’s, with experience in large corporations, public sector, and private consulting. My expertise is IT Service Management, Network and IT Operations Management,Firewall Security management, Technical Support Analyst and Organizational Management of Change.

A brief history of my journey….

I started my carrier from WorldLink Communications P. Ltd as IT support representative (ITSR) and gradually upgraded my carrier. I worked almost for 7 years in this company.
I have experience and knowledge in specific technology niches such as Linux and Windows system administration, computer and network security.

At present I am working with TeamQuest P. Ltd , QFX Cinemas as a IT Head.

Excellence is a choice, and my mission is inspiring and encouraging others in their Pursuit of Excellence. I believe that all people want to be excellent, and will do so given the opportunity. This belief drives everything I do.

I am a husband of Rajlakshmi Jain and father of one beautiful daughter Jinisha Jain.

I love photography, listening to music, spending valuable time with my sweet small family.

My professional focus is IT Service Management because I believe it provides the framework for personal and organizational excellence. If I can help you or your organization pursue excellence, feel free to contact me.